A deeply relaxing and restorative massage blending a moderate to firm pressure and a variety of long, rhythmic  strokes to unravel tension and increase blood flow. Focus can be customized for specific muscle groups to relieve chronic aches and pains. Also perfect for full body relaxation and balance. This massage supports overall decompression of the mind and body. 

*Includes Hot Stones, Warm Towels, & Essential oils

CBD oil can be added for $5

$40 - 30min
$70 - 60min
$90 - 80min


100% THC-Free CBD Topical Massage Oil.

Experience the healing benefits of CBD oil while enjoying your deeply relaxing and restorative massage. CBD is used to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints as well as for relaxing the nervous system. Perfect for clients that deal with autoimmune issues, overworked muscles, or simply have a difficult time letting go of their anxiety and stress while receiving their massage.



Foot Reflexology is a natural, deeply relaxing, and non-invasive therapy used to bring balance to the body. The application of specific pressure on areas of the feet that correspond to every part of the body serves to improve circulation and promote a general feeling of overall wellness. Warm towels and essential oils are also incorporated into this treatment

$30 - 30min


30min Upper Body Massage

30min Foot Reflexology

30min Reiki

*Includes Hot Stones, Warm Towels, & Essential Oils

CBD oil can be added for $5

$85 - 90min


Reiki is an energy therapy rooted in Japanese culture known to support the body’s own self-healing abilities. Reiki is relaxing, gentle, and compliments massage therapy beautifully. The Reiki services I provide are of the Western Tradition. 

$40 - 30min
$70 - 60min
Reiki/Massage Blend
$70 - 60min


Create a blended service with your choice of Reiki, Foot Reflexology, and Massage from two of the below listed time options.

CBD oil can be substituted for additional $5


*Please indicate the services you wish to blend in the appointment notes.

$60 - 30min/30min
$85 - 30min/60min/30min