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What is Reiki?

Reiki Treatment

Traditional Reiki is an energy therapy rooted in Japanese culture that is known to enhance and support overall relaxation and healing in the body. It is a gentle and subtle form of energy work using life force energy (otherwise known as Ki or Qi) that flows through all living things. Following a Reiki session many clients have reported an experience of restoration, clarity, and lightness. On a much deeper level it can support a path of healing for an individual by gently bringing awareness to areas within the body that hold emotional or energetic stagnation. 

Reiki is relaxing, gentle, and blends beautifully with massage therapy.

*My training and experience is in the Western Tradition of Reiki. There are many differences between Traditional Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki. Much of the Japanese culture and history is not taught or understood in Western Reiki. 

For more information on the history and origins of Japanese Reiki I recommend the following books:

"Reiki and Japan: A Cultural View of Western and Japanese Reiki" by Masaki Nishina

"Light on the Origins of Reiki" by Tadao Yamaguchi

*There are no scientific studies that prove Reiki can cure illness or injury.

The benefits of Reiki are experiential. 

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